Hack Instagram

Welcome to instahacking.net - a tool for hacking Instagram passwords. We know that you are eager to start working on getting access to the Instagram account you came here for, and thank you for taking the time to do so by visiting our website.

 Before starting the actual process, we have to emphasize how important it is for you to read the content on this page. Instagram password hacking, just like any other type of hacking, comes with some serious implications. You need to understand those before you take over someone’s Instagram. Also, to proceed, we advise you to follow our practice recommendations.


Who Is This Instagram Password Hack Tool Meant for?

Our tool allows anyone to hack into Instagram accounts. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any hacking experience or knowledge, you will be able to get any Instagram password with our tool. There is also no need to install any software or provide any information other than the username of the account you want to hack. This means that anyone can use this hack tool to gain access to the desired Instagram account.

There are numerous reasons why you would need/want to use this tool: 

  • You forgot/lost your Instagram password
  • You want to access your old Instagram account, but forgot the pass
  • You want to prank someone
  • Someone hacked into your account and changed your password
  • Someone hacked one of your social media accounts and you feel like it’s payback time, etc.


Which Skills Do I Need to Use This Tool?

You don’t need any, and we are not joking. We built this online Instagram hacking tool to make our jobs easier. We used to get so many requests from people who wanted to know how to hack Instagram accounts and who wished there were tutorials for the Instagram password hacking procedure. That is why we made this tool as simple as possible so that anyone can use it. If you know how to use a computer, that is more than enough 

It is really that simple; as long as you have internet access, a computer, and the username of the Instagram account you want to hack, you can use it. Just navigate through our website, fill in a form, and that’s all.



It is crucial that you understand legal implications of Instagram password hacking before using this tool.

If you are using our tool to hack into your own Instagram account or an account that belongs to someone you know (and that person has specifically allowed you to hack into it), then you won’t be breaking the law.

However, if you want to use this tool to hack an Instagram account that belongs to someone who hasn’t allowed you to access it, or an account that belongs to someone you don’t know, or for any malicious purposes, you might be breaking the law.

Although we don’t store or share any information submitted to this website, we don’t support the use of our tool for illegal activities. Consequently, we are not responsible for any potential issues that may arise as a result of using our Instagram password hacking tool.


Precautions You Need to Take Before Using This Tool

Here is what you can do to protect yourself before you start using our tool: 

  • Before hacking into someone’s account or gaining a password for it by using this tool, get the permission of the Instagram account owner
  • Clear browsing data and cookies before using our tool

We put a lot of time and effort into protecting our users and securing their privacy while using this tool, but we cannot take any responsibility for systems and services that are not in our control.

For example, not using a secure connection, using this tool from a public computer, or having your connection monitored, are things that we can’t be held accountable for.


Let’s Start Hacking

Step 1

Enter the Instagram username of the account you wish to hack into our tool. 

Step 2

Click on the “Continue” button. Since this isn’t a simple process, retrieving the password might take up to 2 minutes. It is possible that your browser will become unresponsive at this time, but just wait, and don’t click on the “Back” button. You will get the result as soon as the tool retrieves the password for the account you entered.